The South African Comedy industry is like cricket in Mzansi they produce good cricket players in this case good comedians however, we don’t have job opportunities for them. All the 20 comics that came through a New Comer category over the years where are they TODAY? 

As the comedy industry growing, coming and emerging from the post-pandemic, we need to create opportunities for these young comedians to thrive. Even these young comics going out of age need a paradigm shift and start doing things in unconventional ways to build their brands. 

The Comics Choice Awards is doing a great job to put a spotlight and raising the profile of young comedians. With that being said I also think that young comedies needs to take responsibility and accountability to build theirs own careers and take their brands to another level. Comedy pioneer and global star and television host Trevor Noah created a blue print on how to become a global phenomenon and star, what’s failing these young cats to copy and implement that strategy and build themselves.

By Rethabile Mohlala

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