Content creators need to own their work or IP – intellectual property, creating and owning a website is part of it. Gone are the days of relying on the third-party platforms to carry out your work, however, third-party platforms can only be used as a distribution channel for your content, not as the main thing. 

Your website is your IP – intellectual Property, no one can take it away from you. The third-party platform can file for bankruptcy anytime and disappear, all your hard work is in the toilet, who are you going to blame? Do your own sh!t and don’t be apologetic about it and you can monetise it whichever way you like it.  

Here are the 9 benefits of having your own website

1. If social media and other platforms disappear today, your brand will be still intact. 

2. Data, third party platforms don’t give you data, they keep it to themselves. 

3. That Data is important for you to know who the people who consume your content and how you can tailor-make other solutions and sell it to them and grow your brand and build an empire… so that one day we can hand over these businesses to our kids and family. Companies that we currently work for, we’re not going to work there forever. We need to build our own shit and build our own brands, straight up. Even your bosses know that they will let you go at some point so don’t get too comfortable. 

4. Knowing what the needs of your audience are, you can create your solutions with the data that comes through your website pages and build your brand. 

5. You can do brand placement and let other brands buy advertising space on your website. You can partner with those brands and create your own events. 

6. You can start your radio show and embed it on your website. 

7. You can be a writer or contributor to other platforms such as, as a result you also create an RSS feed and make that content available on your website, simply – building a brand.  

8. The website can fund itself, don’t be afraid of Big Success and stop thinking small. 

9. You can create jobs for other people with your website to eradicate unemployment in your country. 

10. You can start your TV Show on YouTube by interviewing other people like authors, poets and musicians, they desperately need exposure and other PR opportunities and there’s nothing at the moment and you can become that solution for them. There’s plenty more that you can do. 

By Rethabile Mohlala – Media and Brand Strategist

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