WATCH | Miss Salon London, Parkhurst hosted 1st Edition of ‘Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius Open Conversations’ Event 

Sfiso Tshabalala, author, investor and philanthropist hosted in partnership with DameConcepts hosted ‘Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius Open Conversations’ first Event this past Friday at Miss Salon London, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.  The event follows the launch of Tshabalala’s recently launched book ‘Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius’ two months back at the iconic EPF – Empire Partner Foundation, 35 […]

REPORT: Reasons why Podcasters are Selling subscriptions through Third-party Vendors

As more podcasters offer subscriptions around their shows to build a more direct relationship with listeners and an additional revenue stream, many podcasters are looking beyond Apple and Spotify’s subscription platforms to third-party vendors like Supporting Cast and Supercast. The main reasons for this are threefold: more access to listener data, not being beholden to one platform […]

Dame Partner hotels

We can’t wait to see you at DameConcepts Partner Hotels. For more Information, you can email us on info@dameconcepts or visit 

DameConcepts Group launches DameConcepts Partner Hotels, Hospitality Partner Programme

Pretoria and Johannesburg] We launched DameConcepts Partner Hotels, a Hospitality Partner Programme with a number of Hotels in both Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you want hotel accommodation at affordable rates, consider DameConcepts Partner Hotels.  In the coming weeks and month we will be releasing a list of hotels that you can book for accommodation at affordable rates, also a bunch […]

Spotify lsland launches hip hop virtual experience on Roblox for music fans

The streaming service Spotify Island launches a new themed digital experience called Planet Hip-Hop which is now live on Roblox. The virtual music destination will feature upcoming female rapper Doechii and others.  According to the streaming service, the virtual experience aims to give a younger generation of hip-hop fans new ways to connect with their […]

Audio Trends | 3 Trends That Are Shifting the State of Audio

Each is at an inflection point where it’s balancing betterment and competition. How do we make technology private, equal and sustainable without tamping down advancement, adoption and competition in all key verticals of consumer electronics, b-to-b, health, retail, education and beyond? And as marketers and advertisers, what does that mean for the consumers, listeners and […]

For Success, Chase Purpose Not Passion – Harvard Studies Reveal

How many times have you been told to “follow your passion?” It’s a message that appears in everything from graduation speeches to job ads. We even say it ourselves. When I surveyed a recent class of Columbia Business School MBA students, over 90% of them listed “pursuing their passion” as an important goal for their […]