Twitter has announced a new feature called ‘Product Drop’, a new shopping feature that allows online merchants to tease their upcoming product launches. 

Merchants and other e-retailers with Product Drops can create a promotional tweet that showcases the item using both text and images. 

According to the social media platform, users who click on the promotional tweet are taken to the Product Details Page where they can get the information they need to make a decision, including the product description, price, photos and more.

Twitter Product Manager Justin Hoang said: “When a brand you love is launching something, you want to be first in line to grab that hot new thing before it’s gone. Product Drops is designed with this in mind.”

“Shoppers can get details about the product on the Product Details Page, set a reminder so they don’t miss the drop and they can see what other shoppers are saying — all without leaving Twitter.” 

We’re excited to give shoppers a way to do more than just talk; with Product Drops, we’re making it easier to go from conversation to product discovery to purchase,” Hoang adds.

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