Over the years our parent holding company DameConcepts Group built solid strategic business relationships with other brands. Now we taking those relationships to another level by building a new business division within our group with a different purpose to uplift others. With that being said, we launching a sports agency #DameConceptsSports

Our sports agency help athletes to build and grow their brands. Our target clients are athletes from across different sporting codes from Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, e-Sports and Gaming. The key focus and services are Contract Negotiations, Sponsorship and Endorsements deals, Personal Brand Building, Education, Financial Management and Life Skills. 

We believe that our services and programs are uniquely designed for our clients and will help them to live a decent lifestyle and be out of trouble. The main reason we decided to establish the sports agency is that a number of sports stars struggle to build their brands and to transition post their professional careers. We believe in brand building, if you build a solid brand, life becomes much easier and nice. 

Gary Vaynerchuk said “[Athletes] are playing in real cities, with real die-hard fans. Football is one of the great passions of our society. And because of that passion, you can access some really influential people, who will take a meeting with you, who will say yes to doing business with you”.

To all prospective clients who need our services we mentioned above, feel free to get in touch with our founder and director Rethabile Mohlala at info@dameconcepts.co.za or call 0762758648, alternatively visit www.DameConcepts.co.za and click here for follow us on Instagram

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