I have been studying and researching why the so-called ‘Successful People’ Succeed in Life or in anything they touch or attempt. Here are my findings, ‘Successful People’ are good when it comes to self-awareness, which most poor people struggle with. ‘Successful people focus all their energy on their ‘Talents and Gifts’, I called it Purpose to Platform, not ordinary jobs, just to get paid and pay the bills and get by.

The ‘Purpose to Platform’ is like connecting to a WIFI and you become unstoppable, ultimately your life on earth becomes your heaven, when people pray to go to heaven…you pray to stay on earth because your Heaven is here. Even when your sleep in bed, you can’t wait to wake up and start doing it over again because you enjoy what you’re doing. 

Let’s look at international chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, John Oliver and home girl chef Siba Mtongana of Cooking with Siba on Food Network, these guys become Successful, culinary kings and queens because they enjoy preparing and cooking good food. They don’t mind cooking the whole day because they enjoy what they do. 

The same can be said about Beyonce, music icon and pop diva and comic sensation Trevor Noah, both enjoy storytelling through songs and comedy. If you want to dominate the world, you need to do a self-awareness assessment test 1st and find out what you are good at and focus on that.  

Here’s another classic case study about ‘Purpose to Platform’, Bishop TD Jakes and Pastor Joel Osteen are some of today’s successful gospel preachers. Both men of God travel across the world spreading the word of God, uplifting and motivating millions of people through their gifts and talent for preaching and healing people. They also dominate the television ministry, their tv programmes are watched by billions of people across the globe. Both pastors discovered their talents and gifts, that’s the reason they’re winning on television and pulpit.  

If you are an ordinary person and you’re confused about what to do next with your life and future, do yourself a favour and study these guys I mentioned above. After you discovered what you are good at, marry that talent and skillset with the internet, social media and grow your brand… and lastly be patient with yourself because it might take longer to reach success. If you follow the strategies and tactics I shared above… Be rest assured, success will be yours.

What are your Talent and Gifts?

By Rethabile Mohlala – Communications Consultant and Founder/CEO of DameConcepts, Communications, Advertising and Marketing Agency and publisher of TechDailyPost and NoJokesComedy

Source: TechDailyPost

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