People can criticise Twitter and Elon Musk as much as they want, where? on Twitter for God’s sake but the fact remain… critics can’t exist without the social media platform. They desperately need it more but can’t say it, because parading in the public gallery is fun for them and Twitter gives them a platform to display and amplify their stupidity.

The double standard of Twitter critics is too deep…. Everyone is complaining about South African entrepreneurs and billionaires and Twitter… meanwhile Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram layoffs 11 thousand staff members, almost 13% of the workforce all gone but no one is saying anything about it.

One of Musk’s critic Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and multibillionaire tweeted that the verification change “killed the most valuable part of Twitter, the ability to quickly and easily find information from sources I have chosen to trust.” 

“I just spent too much time muting all the newly purchased checkmark accts in an attempt to make my verified mentions useful again,” adds Cuban. 

Musk replied, “It’s working for me. That said, we can definitely make the verified mentions tab more usable.”

As much as critics are on Twitter while some want to bury the man Elon alive, they must do the same with other social media plat – Wtf. Let this sink in, Musk has a right to do whatever he wants about the social media platform, his the sole owner of the company.

If you don’t like the platform why continue using it? leave you idiots. Twitter is a great platform to build, market and to promote brands, to listen for sentiments and so much more. It’s a Global Public Square and Morden day TALK RADIO!

By Rethabile Mohlala

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