Has Prince Harry gone too far with the new tell it all book?

On TechDailyPost Twitter handle we asked a question about Prince Harry’s latest book… ‘Spare’ a Book by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. By the way Spare is a forthcoming memoir by Harry, Duke of Sussex which is due to be released on 10 January 2023.

“Has Prince Harry gone too far with the new tell it all book?”  

So far the poll stands on 56.3%, it says Harry has gone too far with the book and no reason we’re given why.

As for me, I disagree with the poll because we don’t know what the man is going through however, people are quick to judge the man because they’re emotionally involved. Who knows maybe the book is a cry for help, we don’t know but still, the man has been judged according to the Twitter tribunal and Kangaroo Court. 

Here’s My take on Prince Harry’s latest Book: I don’t blame Prince Harry to write a tell it all book, the brother lives in LA Los Angels, California… the cost of living in that part of the town on the west coast is way expensive and he has been cut off from the monarch or family payroll.

One way or the other he has to make money to earn a living and feed his family. We call all talk the whole day until the cows come home however, the fact remains this brother has bills to pay and he says FUCK the royal and British traditions… I have to write a book tell my own version of the story, do a podcast and docu-series to eat, what’s the problem with that? anyone else can jump near a river and good bye. 

According to the late Princes Diana’s former chief of staff… King Charles III in 1994 wrote tell it all book to air his frustrations similar to his son Prince Harry. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like father likes son #BothCrazy at times, what’s wrong with that, you tell me. 

REAL TALK: Prince Harry is being hated by his own People and some British because he married a BLACK Women. According to them, these people, he broke the code of ROYALTY. I bet you if he married a fellow WHITE sister, this crap wouldn’t happen. Haters are stuck in the Past and Less PROGRESSIVE.

His brother, Prince Williams is a piece of sh!t, coward, two-faced and a robot for not coming out in public to CALL OUT some of the British MOOB and WITCH hunt for attacking his brother for being married to BLACK WOMEN. Whoever my brother marries, I have to support him regardless of my views about their marriage, is their business all I can do is support him that’s all. Then his brother, this idiot has thrown his younger brother in the lion’s den the British media eat him alive.

Media personality and broadcaster Piers Morgan and some Brits keep attacking Harry and Megan, Sorry guys… I refuse to keep quiet when I see BS AND ATTACKS on innocent people.

Viva Prince Harry, you all can say whatever crap you wanna say, personally, I do support the man 100%. Lastly, Prince Harry and Meghan have a right to do whatever they want, is their lives. 

If you disagree with me, I would love to hear from you, please let me know. I’m listening, email me at #Talk2Rethabile 

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By Rethabile Mohlala – Brand Strategist and Media Consultant

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