REAL TALK: A lot of my friends and colleagues at work are no longer listen music radio and talk radio, some people and media analyst blame internet and social media while some are questioning the quality of the radio host and the talk show host. 

Here’s the question, what’s make a good talk show host? 

Talk Radio Host it must be someone who has lived longer with experiences to share, he or she must be opinionated. To be a successful talk show host, you must have the ability to speak and convey ideas in a clear and entertaining manner. Thinking quickly and the ability to improvise is necessary for live broadcasting. 

Good radio hosts build networks through their shows. They connect with their fanbase and sustain contacts to follow up for interviews in the future. Their media personality should be warm and approachable. Most will have active social media. 

Also the talk show host must love the fucking medium and be passionate about radio, if not he/she will be exposed further down the line because you can’t pretend forever. The best talk radio show host must captivate you and make it difficult to switch off the radio or to get off the car if your driving. 

What qualities do you need to be a radio presenter?

You’ll need to have:

No disrespect to some Talk Stations in Joburg however, I blame the program managers they know sh!t about radio they’re just being parachuted to those positions.

This country had a lot of talk show hosts material sitting at home because radio programs managers says they don’t have numbers on social media. Radio is no longer about storytelling but social media numbers game, good looks and Louis Vittone and Prada bags on Instagram and flying to Dubai.  

In Mzansi they select radio host based on social media numbers, which posh school you attended, fake American and British accent and lastly, which the so called Celebrity Camp you belong into. Sad 4 Radio. 

These stupidity and pantomime of radio managers gave the Rise of Podcasting, now people or alternative voices are getting a chance to express themselves in a long format with no restrictions and control from program managers. That’s the reason Podcasting numbers are huge, these alternative voices are themselves, there’s no dilution and fake sh!t. 

Audiences are hungry and thirsty for original content and keeping it real. While I was young I once went to YFM, a youth station in Johannesburg, I was told that I don’t have multiracial school accent unfortunately you can’t get a job here, that’s the sh!t I was told. 

Fast forward, today I’m more successful than that motherfucker who denied me a fucking radio gig on YFM and guess what that idiot doesn’t have a job’s funny how the wheels turn. 

Something has to change with radio if not the medium will die like Black Berry.

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By Rethabile Mohlala

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