To all Sfiso Tshabalala associates, fans, colleagues and business partners kindly note we postponed his book launch to the 06 October 2023 due to unforeseen circumstances. We are looking forward to hosting you and other like minded individuals for an evening that will be full of knowledge, laughter and networking at 35 Ferguson, Illovo, Sandton. 

To join us feel free to RSVP at and visit for more Information. If you like to buy the book check this link

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“It was slavery, then colonialism, and now we are letting economic slavery into the door. In the past, we could make the excuse that our forefathers and fathers were not in a position to know or do anything about it. We can’t say the same thing now” – Chika Onyeani, Roar of the African Lion 

The author agrees with Onyeani. 

In his book Discover your Entrepreneurial Genius, uMshengu argues that now that society has far more knowledge and access to resources, we must be inspired to show up and act differently. 

Education, and a deeper understanding of economic rules that govern our lives can empower people to transition into entrepreneurial geniuses. But first, we must completely crush the victim mindset that has become a pandemic in our society, and more specifically the black community. 

He encourages readers to awaken the warrior within by committing to daily positive action, and that dose of good old hard work. He believes that an educated look at our past will help us understand and crush the myths that have informed our lives to this day. This is an essential aspect to our transformation that will see us ignite success at an individual level, taking advantage of the power of productive networks. 

Building economic value chains within a closed community framework, taking advantage of the land, will see us build generational wealth. Too many communities struggle with the miserable experience of poverty, yet abundant wealth is possible to anyone willing to be our modern day alchemists, those few willing to be useful to the human experience. 

Your future is everything that’s happening to you right now. It is this very fact that must persuade you to reflect on what consumes your mind, conversations and actions. Discover your Entrepreneurial Genius is your guide and accountability partner in your wealth journey. 


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