DameConcepts on Friday 06 October hosted Sfiso Tshabalala’s book launch ‘Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius’ at the EPF – Empire Partner Foundation, Illovo, Sandton. The event was sponsored by EPF’s Tech Fund, TechDailyPost and NoJokesComedy. 

The sold out event was well attended by who’s who of Johannesburg and Pretoria elites, that included the C-suites, business executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Our very own Founder and CEO Rethabile Mohlala made sure everything ran smoothly as a program director and producer of the event. 

The event was more like a celebration than your typical book launch, it was full of food, wine, networking, entertainment. The book launch also included a panel discussion with a stellar lineup featuring entrepreneurs, Nathan Marimuthu, Joanne Govendor, Aubrey Motshela, Barry Gonin and the man of the moment Sfiso Tshabalala.

During his speech, Sfiso said  “Our work embodies a higher purpose. Whether we know it or not, we’re a conduit for the universe. Material is allowed through us. If we are a clear channel, our intention reflects the intention of the cosmos.”

“Most creators think of themselves as the conductor of the orchestra. If we zoom out of our small view of reality, we function more as an instrumentalist in a much larger symphony the universe is orchestrating. We may not have a great understanding of what this magnum opus is because we only see the small part we play.”

“The bee, attracted by the scent of the flower, lands on one then another, inadvertently enabling reproduction. Should the bee go extinct, not just flowers but birds, small mammals, and humans would likely also cease to exist. It’s fair to assume that the bee doesn’t know its role in this interconnected puzzle and in preserving the balance of nature. The bee is simply being,” he added.  

Here’s the quick bio from our panellists:  

Nathan: The visionary founder of Empire Partner Foundation, is a catalyst for positive change. With a passion for technology and social development, he has steered EPF towards creating impactful solutions. Nathan’s innovative mindset and dedication have propelled EPF’s mission, empowering youth, fostering skills, and championing entrepreneurship. His leadership inspires a generation to harness technology for transformative societal progress.

Aubrey: Visionary and goal orientated ICT Senior Executive with more than 20 years of demonstrated experience in planning, designing, implementing and supporting best of breed and cutting edge solutions to address business process optimization and growth. Whenever there are opportunities for change, he has proven to be the preferred driver to make things happen focusing on what must be achieved. Strong record of success in rollout of new specialised technologies in government and private sector. Consulted in assisting businesses to solve security and compliance risks while reducing costs. 

Barry: A family man with some business interests. He believes (after many years of the opposite) that work has to fit into his life and not the opposite. Barry jokes that he used to be an accountant, but that he is a lot better now. As an entrepreneur, he has interests in Meteorology, Energy, Telecommunications and Business Strategy.

Sfiso: A seasoned consultant, a self-starter with diverse interests ranging from technology architecture and account leadership for large corporate clients, setting up and running successful startups, small business rescue, complex enterprise architectures, disruptive digital delivery, and innovation. A selfless individual who finds joy and meaning when he finds himself ‘useful’. I am passionate about community activation, love trail running, hiking, travelling, reading, racing and extended road trips with superbikes, and long 4×4 overlanding expeditions in Africa. A number of my travel adventures have been published in various sports magazines. 

If you like to get your hands on the copy of Sfiso Tshabalala, you can get the copy on this link https://bethatchange.online and join us next month at Miss London Salon, Parkhurst.  

Check the pictures of Sfiso Tshabalala ‘Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius’ book launch!

By Rethabile Mohlala

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